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How Much Are Dental Implants

Many circumstances like accidents or diseases can result in teeth loss which may be lead to certain discomfort. Dental implants offer solution to tooth loss due to any reason. In order to clasp the tooth replacement for a missing tooth, the artificial tooth root is embedded in the jaw, as a part of dental implant. It doesn’t harm the surrounding teeth of the affected tooth as it requires no support from them.

Cost of Dental Implants

Dental implants do not look artificial and they can successfully bring back the confidence in a person. Let us glance through the different price tags of the dental implants:

Single Dental Implant:

If you are planning to undergo one implant, it might cost you around $1,000 on an average with the maximum of $3,000. But there can also be additional services which may get included like bone grafts, tooth extractions, sinus lifts and tissue grafts.

Dentures and Implants:

It gets expensive when you want to get dentures as well as implants on both the upper and lower jaws. The price ranges from $7,000 to $90,000, sometimes even exceeding this range.

Mini Implants:

Implant type also plays a role in deciding the cost. Mini implants are tad cheaper and one can get up to 6 implants done within the range of $30,000.

Dental Bridge:

Similarly for dental bridge covering the entire mouth, 2 to 6 implants can be priced between $4,000 and $30,000 approximately. It might get costlier with the materials along with bridge size.

Abutment and Implant:

Between $1,500 and $13,000 is required for a single implant coupled with dental crown and abutment. Abutment is the extension made with a metal which is linked with the implant. This is a long process, done in stages incurring huge expenses. Sometimes abutment charges are curtailed from the overall expense saving you some money.

Factor Influencing Dental Implants

Brands charge on the same products variedly. A closer look on the products will reveal that it is made with same material yet priced much higher. Titanium implants appear to be costlier than cobalt-chromium alloy rods. In order to derive best results it is better to go with the expensive one to avoid unsatisfactory results.

Another vital factor influencing the cost of dental implant is the dimension of the implant. Bigger implants are expensive as it needs more materials and coatings for obtaining best results. A lot depend on your dentist as he/she can ascertain the expenses to some extent. If products are bought from manufacturers based in some other nations, the cost can be much lesser. This is because suppliers in the US sell products at a higher cost.

Dental implants done at difficult positions like the lower jaw’s rear end, might incur more expenses from your end. This demands more expertise and skill, which is definitely going to be expensive. Cost is also increased by tests like CT scans and X-Ray which are necessary to determine the oath of the treatment.


Considering the factors which influence the cost of dental implants, it is finally concluded how place, treatment type and number of implants matter. Dental implants become very necessary when patient is unable to chew, talk or lead life with confidence. The physician determines whether or not the patient is capable of undergoing this treatment.


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