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How Much Does Tooth Bonding Cost

Among several cosmetic dental procedures, tooth bonding is one. Bonding or cementing tooth with a composite resin for covering tarnished, dirty or chipped tooth is considered to be one cheap method among the other expensive cosmetic dentistry. Adhesive dentistry is integral to dentistry and it is quite popular as well. Not just for enhancing the appearance of the teeth but it is also used as a substitute to amalgam fillings due to its natural tooth color. It is best for minor corrections as filling in gaps or augmenting the length of tooth, since the major ones might require more effective treatment like crowns and veneers.

Overview of the Tooth Bonding Cost

The plastic composite applied on the tooth may come at varied cost. Given below is a brief about the expenses incurred for this process.

In case of broken or chipped teeth, dental bonding will cost around $600, while some treatments are available at $300 as well. This is only meant for an individual tooth. Here too, the complexity of the procedure and the type of bonding required on the tooth will determine the cost. In special cases it might as well cost you around $1000 for every tooth.

An average of $90 to $400 might have to be paid for filling in cavities, but that too varies with the percentage of cavity. If the existing silver amalgam breaks, it can be substituted with a cheaper composite filling and it just works fine.


Tooth Bonding Without Insurance

Only some insurance companies may cover such cosmetic dental procedures as they do not include this in the dental plans. Only reconstructive treatments have more possibilities to get coverage from the insurance agents. It is always wise to determine beforehand whether you are eligible to get a complete coverage of the costs of dental bonding with the insurance company.

If you have no insurance you can still cut down on the costs by opting for special discounts offered by some sites with just a minimum yearly payment. Dental School in your area is another option which you can avail since the students and teachers over there treat patients by charging minimum fee. Good medical institutes offer specialized care like the private clinics and there is no lacuna in the treatment.

To avail services from skilled dentists, you can even negotiate the payment with them. By extending the treatment for a certain period, you can also save on the amount required for further treatment. As it is a gap is required in between to heal the gum and tooth.

It is not just enough to avail the treatment because in the aftermath of the treatment, a lot of care is required to keep it in good condition. You have to maintain proper oral hygiene to keep it in perfect condition. Brushing and flossing at regular intervals and following up with the doctor ensures much advantage to the patient. It enhances the longevity of the treatment. Hence it can be concluded that dental condition, place of treatment and quality professional affects cost of dental bonding.


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