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Smile Makeover

Seeking cosmetic solutions to improve the quality of smile, not just by correcting flaws in the teeth but by an extensive transformation of the teeth line is the latest fad. This has been equally attracting the masses just like the movie stars, who want a perfect smile and facial features. Smile makeovers comprise a number of cosmetic dentistry methods including teeth whitening, dental veneers, dentures, porcelain crowns, tooth implants, natural colored fillings as well as composite bonding.

Why Smile Makeovers?

Cosmetic dental solutions are helpful in many ways. It is used to correct smile by implementing certain procedures. It can address minor incongruities in the teeth, discolored teeth as well as help in total makeover of the mouth. Makeovers also include lengthening of the tooth if it is malformed or irregular with the others in the line. Some of the causes for smile makeovers and the remedies can be listed as:

Jagged or cracked Teeth

Veneers are basically applied on the frontal teeth for hiding chipped or undulating teeth. On the outside of the tooth a shell is put which aligns them and endows you with a beautiful stunning smile.

Stained teeth

With the help of whitening or bleaching, tinted teeth can be given a new fresh color which might as well be whiter than the natural shade. It is one of the components of smile makeover applied on teeth which has yellowed or darkened due to consumption of tea, cold drinks, food or tobacco. If the damage is more, porcelain veneer is the best option.

Tooth size

To improve the quality of smile, it is important to enhance the tooth quality by reshaping or structuring. To get your teeth in correct proportions, your doctor will prepare a treatment plan which will help you achieve a balanced smile.

Lost tooth

Another restorative procedure in smile makeover is replacing a lost tooth. Missing teeth can be replaced using dental bridges or implants which improve the smile even more. This is also important for oral health and aesthetics.

Natural dental fillings

Smile makeover also takes into consideration the dental fillings which are often done with silver or any other substance. In this case too, it can be done with compounds which assume the color of natural tooth.

Unmatched smile

If you want to get a smile which conforms to your facial structure, smile makeover is your next destination. When the doctor designs your smile, he considers your facial shape and chooses the ideal one.

Space between teeth

A beautiful smile is marred due to gaps between teeth which can be perfected using these makeovers.

Gummy smile

If your gum makes you uncomfortable while smiling, you can get it contoured with the help of an experienced cosmetic dental expert.  This is not an expensive smile makeover but if it is done on the whole set then it will cost a bit more.

Damaged tooth

If you have damages on your teeth brought upon by decay, it can be corrected putting porcelain crowns over the surface of the teeth. It completely attains the shade of the natural teeth which gives you a dazzling flawless smile.

Cost of Smile Makeovers

Smile makeovers can be of different types. Accordingly, the cost of the services also varies. The cost of the treatment depends on some factors which can be listed as:

  • Type of treatment sought by the patient
  • Quality of treatment offered
  • Whether anesthesia is required or not
  • Whether being treated by a general dentist or prosthodentist
  • Facilities offered by the clinic
  • Your dental insurance covers a apart of the treatment or not


In the UK, a normal smile makeover might cost you less, around £3,000 while if you are undergoing an extensive smile reconstruction then it will amount to more than £40,000. In USA too the cost varies according to treatment. Price range for composite or tooth colored fillings is between $200 and $350, while for composite bonding it might exceed to $400.

Gum contouring is an inexpensive smile makeover which might amount to $200 minimum. Teeth whitening procedures might range from $500 to $1000, if it is done by a reputed practitioner. Getting porcelain crowns for each tooth can also be little expensive as they come at $1000 on an average. For a year-long treatment to get your teeth in correct alignment, you might need to pay around $5000, however this is just an approximate estimate.


Here are some before and after images of smile makeovers which might interest you.

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